a daily read for 60 days

I Am by Michele Cushatt | Amanda Zampelli

With John leaving, and my codependency flaring up, I knew I needed a place to go this summer. Something to focus my mind on and ground me.

ENTER: I Am by Michele Cushatt which I've mentioned here and talked about here. (HERE is the post where I linked to how I found her.) It's basically 60 chapters titled "I am...something" where Michele relates a personal story and references a piece from the Bible that ties in.

It was helpful because it talked a lot about suffering, and moving forward even still. It carried within its pages the theme of making peace with yourself and an undone, messy life...which was the name of Michele's first book Undone. (I'm all over that message.)

What was most exciting, though, was how reading this book was a daily practice. I so needed its message in that structure, and now that I've finished the book, I'm looking for another one just like it. 

Coincidentally, Austin Kleon recently linked to this post about reading Henry David Thoreau kind of like how the TimeHop app gives you information: "on this day x number of years ago..." I thought, "Austin Kleon gets it!" (I always think this BTW.)

A daily read...a way to ground myself in something first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee, and it needs to be consumable. I know Kristin does morning pages, which is a daily output type of project, but I'm looking for an input type of thing. Something I can ingest, take in, like a vitamin. 

So if you know of any good reads, please leave it in the comments or contact me via this form.  // Thanks, friends! xoxo