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The 'ABOUT ME' section - from what I've been told - is supposed to be upbeat & cheerful. I was even given a formula to follow to make sure my 'about' blurb was clear, concise, and 'branded'. It sounded something like this:

"Hello! I'm Amanda and thank you for stopping by!

I'm a writer, designer, podcast host, 'idea' girl, and internet friend. I love top-shelf ice cream, mango martinis, a good cathartic cry, and reminding women how capable they are.

When I'm not cookin' up something fun in Photoshop or writing about my feelings, you can find me Bachata dancing or taking portraits of my cats."


...there is SO MUCH MORE to my (and EVERYBODY'S) story and interests and existence than what you can sum up in a few peppy sentences. Am I right?

Most currently: I went back to teaching and left all that influencer/promotional nonsense behind. (I’m still very much a designer and a maker, so don’t worry.) I co-host the Crafty Ass Female podcast which you can support HERE, and I’ve fallen in love with a kid I knew from the neighborhood.
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I believe in sharing our brave, weird, niched talents/hobbies/obsessions & that they are 'the key'.

I believe in the habitual, typed-out processing of life events, i.e. "this is what has happened to me and this is how I'm moving through the world with it."

I believe in real talk, flawed images, and that getting things out is better than keeping them in.

I truly believe we are all in this together, and that only comes across when regular people like me and you tell our stories our way.


I  enjoy working with brands and collaborations with like-minded people! Here are some fun ones I've had the pleasure of participating in:
       • Rubberstamps.com blog feature
       • Studio Calico's Guest Designer blog feature
       • Kleenex® brand sponsored post
       • me & my BIG ideas blog feature
       • Clique Kits Designer in the Spotlight blog feature
       • 'Why I Plan' feature on Everything Else...
       • 'Bloggers Plan Too' feature on The Innovative Latina
       • Q & A with Kellie Winnell

If you're interested in collaborating, contact me describing the type of partnership you have in mind, and I'll promptly reply.