For those of you who don't know, I used to work for me & my BIG ideas, the company that created The Happy Planner®.  When I left the company, I still longed for a way to connect with the #plannercommunity that I love so much, and the idea to share my planner strips was born! 

WHAT ARE  PLANNER STRIPS? They are (FREE) printable designs I created over two years ago to lay atop my Happy Planner® pages in order for the blank daily columns to become hourly + lined. 

THE SCOOP ON 'EM: Basically, they've changed my functional planning for the better! I need the lines and hours for optimal organization. Once I print them out, trim them down, and prep the upcoming month with them, I add my stickers and embellishments right on top:




This is the 10-minnute video walk-through all about my Planner Strips: what they are, the tools I use, and the process I follow each month to include them in my planner.

If you already know the deal, then keep scrolling to the designs I've created thus far below, newest at the top.

Click on the thumbnail images of the strips for a new tab to open. Then go to File >> Print to print the planner strips page of your choice. (NOTE: CLASSIC on top, BIG size on bottom)

January 2019 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner® | Amanda Zampelli


I’m back with this new batch of planner strips for the new year and I thought why not continue with the beautiful bokeh light tricks that come with the holiday season? I paired the bokeh element w/ a soft rosé color to emulate pink champagne or another celebratory sip of somethin’ you might have on New Year’s Eve. FUN! Cheers to 2019, loves!

03 galaxy strips.jpg


Make all your plans this month ‘written in the stars’ with these galaxy-themed strips for October. I thought they’d be just ‘spooky’ enough for all your Halloween embellishments, but also fun to pair with Fall leaves & pumpkin everything! Cheers to crisp autumn evenings!

SEPTEMBER 2018 PLANNER STRIPS for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli


In my neck of the woods September means back-to-school (even though school has already started in other parts of the world). Your classic black & white marble notebook was the inspiration for this month & you can have fun with it by using all your school-themed stickers! 

August 2018 Planner Strips | Amanda Zampelli.jpg


I needed to throw something together for August's planner strips, and my only inspiration for this month's batch was hot hot heat and summer fruit. What resulted is a warm 'fun in the sun' ombre design that you could play up with beach-themed stickers or all the tropical citrus fruit! 

July 2018 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli

JULY 2018

I stole a section of the photo I took of the first sunset of summer & played around with the blur tool in Photoshop for this month's Planner Strips. The blues blending into pinks made for a modern red/white/blue theme for July & I paired it with the stars I used for April's bunch.

JUNE 2018 planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli

JUNE 2018

I played with aqua watercolor paint for this month's Planner Strips & used my best swishes to create a water-themed, pool-inspired bunch for June! Get all your splishy-splashy, beachy, mermaid, fish, flamingo, pool float squad girl embellishments ready for landing! Summer is here & we gotta keep cool! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

MAY 2018 Planner Strips for the Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli

MAY 2018

I'm not much of a 'purple' person, but it's always stuck out in my mind to give a lovely shade of lavender its time to shine this month. Furthermore, I've been HELLA inspired by my neighborhood magnolia tree. I decided to combine the two and WAH LAH: May's planner strips were born!

APRIL 2018 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli

APRIL 2018

It’s GOLD STARS for April’s Planner Strips because we made it, friends. We friggin' made it through three whole months of 2018 so far, and just that mere fact deserves ALL THE GOLD STARS…a limitless supply to bathe yourself in & I love that this month provides that reminder.

MARCH 2018 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli

MARCH 2018

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." -- Dolly Parton // So many of you planner babes love the ROYGBIV trend, and I couldn't think of a better month to get these to you! I was inspired by the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow + old school Lisa Frank! 

FEBRUARY 2018 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli


Simple & sweet, I was inspired by a high-school looseleaf love note vibe + went with hearts instead of circles for the top three bullets. This soft grid design will go great with rose gold foil stickers, and compliment all your typical Valentine's colors. Happy short little love month!

DECEMBER 2017 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli


How about a modern winter teal for December?! I liked the idea of a sort-of-green, but not your traditional green, and pairing the color with red + pinks (I changed the discs to this color scheme.) The subtle overlay of pine also gives it a nice seasonal feel. 

NOVEMBER 2017 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli


Bright & BOLD & a trendy ombre pink for my birthday month...and because this color works with every gold, orange, brown, yellow, maroon Autumn shade you would want to theme a page up with!

OCTOBER 2017 Planner Strips for The Happy Planner™ | Amanda Zampelli


YAY! The first run of my monthly Planner Strips are HERE! They are cute pumpkin-orange colored ones for October to match your autumn-themed embellishments, and would also pair nicely with purple, green, or black for Halloween-themed spreads!