the instagram feed | Amanda Zampelli


...thinking on worry & how we can ease our anxieties.

...reading lots of Austin Kleon (book, book, blog, & newsletter) & am excited for his new book coming out in April of 2019.

...playing around w/ A Beautiful Mess's two apps @acolorstory + @adesignkit.

...reading Michele Cushatt's book I Am + quoting from it on Instagram.

...still loving every word written out by Morgan Harper Nichols.

...planning all the Fall outfits I could put together with my new floral kimono, but also not wanting summer to end...ever.

...cuddling our cute little kitten Kiki - that we're still not sure if we're going to keep or not.

...working on laptop in my mom's backyard.

...wondering HARD: W H E R E ' S  T H I S  G O I N G ? !

...pulling three spot-on oracle cards from a deck at my therapist's office.

...surprised that I survived a whole month since he left.

...holding up the circle stickers Kristin got made for our podcast while at her house for Awesome Ladies Live.