cry yourself to sleep, wake up, begin again

image credit:  @biancacash

image credit: @biancacash

i cried myself to sleep the other night, but woke up and felt alright. i slept in the bed and not on the couch for the first time in a long time and cried remembering when we (john & I) used to fall asleep there holding each other’s hand.

every morning I wake up and begin again. i try to to be there for myself, establish grace-filled rituals, keep myself awake so I can scout out the signs, but this foggy unwellness lately, it’s getting old ...and this grief, it creeps up on ya.

i cried myself to sleep the other night. i wish more people would start Instagram & blog posts this way when it’s true. ...because even when it’s true, we get up, don’t we? we always begin again.