five fun wall calendars

Five FUN Wall calendars | Amanda Zampelli

I have had ONE THING on the brain lately: WALL CALENDARS.

I have missed having a large, static, mounted, always visible, color-coded month-at-glance type of editorial calendar for my various creative projects burning a hole in the back of my head as sit at my desk to plan + work.

I’ve been on the hunt for a much ‘cuter’ wall calendar than the free plumbing supply promo-calendar my dad gave me (DUH) and these are the five super-fun findings that I was excited to share.

Five FUN Wall Calendars | Amanda Zampelli

(1) The INFAMOUS Stendig Calendar – Big. Beautiful. Graphic. Lovely. I first saw Elise using it back in the day. I used one in the past and always appreciated that most sticky notes (which is what I’m using on my current editorial wall calendar) fit in the space around the large numbers.

(2) Poketo’s Aurora Wall Planner – Okay, could you have guessed that THIS ONE is my favorite of the bunch?! OMG. I love it. It’s NOT dated, so I’d have to date it up, but what’s great is if I start using this in February, I can use January’s page for 2019.

(3) The Creatives Calendar® by Lindsey Letters – It’s a big, framed dry-erase board calendar that I originally saw here. It’s the priciest of the five on my list, but you can use it until the end of time, so it would most likely be worth the investment. It feels like one of those ‘must haves’ for any crafty girl’s office or workspace.

(4) Bubble Wrap Calendar – I remember seeing this one in my local Paper Source a couple of years ago, and I always admired the innovation. ‘FUN’ is definitely the word for it, not too much ‘FUN’ctional. I could see this in a kids room, or a tween’s room, however the self-control it would take to pop only ONE bubble a day might be too much to handle (it would be for me). #POPthemALL

(5) Printable Year Calendar by ExplicitDesign – This beauty costs less than $10 to instantly download. You will have to print the file at home, at a local print shop, or use an online service in order to get the physical product in your hands to hang, but I love the simple, modern design.  ExplicitDesign on etsy is the creator of this one, and they have tons of other cute calendar designs + art prints that work in the same way. They’re worth a checking out.