tissue box 'catch all'

empty tissue box paper scrap 'catch all' | Amanda Zampelli

I have recently REVOLUTIONIZED my craft clean-up, and like most revolutionary concepts – it happened by accident.  After I ran out of tissues at my work station one morning, I started throwing finished sticky notes and scrap paper leftover from trimming in the empty box simply because I was too lazy to scoop it all up and walk to my garbage.

Once I became mindful of what I was doing, it was like BING! Lightbulb! I started taking that empty ‘catch all’ tissue box with me anytime I started working, and at the end of the week, it was stuffed to the gills and bursting at the seams with craft mess, and all I had to do was toss the whole thing in the paper recycle. Cue: next empty tissue box!

empty tissue box paper scrap 'catch all' | Amanda Zampelli

I stamp leftover ink onto it. I stick stickers to it that I no longer want to include in a project or planner page. Same with the raggedy ends of washi tape I’ve cut off. I find that the clear film on top of tissue boxes that keeps the next tissue erect works great to ‘hold’ & ‘keep in’ any scrap piece you place inside.

Genius. …and there all my life waiting to be discovered and shared with you guys. You’re welcome. // xoxo