breaking from social media

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Last week, Kristin & I talked to Megan Auman for a Crafty Ass Female podcast episode going live in April, we talked about the concept of Digital Minimalism.

We talked about how GOOOOOD it feels to exist in the world without a phone in your hand, and I realized during our conversation that the time I’ve spent over the past few month off of 'all the social media' has put me in a KNOWING space, rather than a PROVING space.

I KNOW I have a good life, I don't have to PROVE I have one. I KNOW I'm creative and fun, I don't have to PROVE I myself or to anyone else.

It's been a subtle, but monumental shift, and a necessary one in my learning to be human again. ‘Cause we are not robots. Let’s lift our heads up, free our hands, and try to grab the beauty that’s already all around us.