Selena for Halloween

Selena for Halloween | Amanda Zampelli

This post is to celebrate that time I was Selena for Halloween. However, I don’t think you quite understand.  This post is about that time I WAS SELENA. Like…possessed by the spirit of La Reina herself.

The concise backstory is as follows: since 7th grade (circa 1997) I have been obsessed with anything ‘Selena’. I once forcefully made all the girls in my 7th grade class come over and watch the movie on repeat. I did not know of her until the movie came out, but ever since, I’ve watched videos and documentaries on her and family, and have loved, appreciated, danced and sang to her songs.  I don’t speak Spanish so I know all of her lyrics by sound, and yeah…I’ve had in the back of my mind to be Selena, my idol, for about 18 years. This Halloween, I decided to go for it! 

Below are the recorded parts of the process of my becoming Selena for Halloween 2015, from the first trying on of the pants & bra to make sure I could pull it off – to – the final look before recording my videos:

red lip / black liquid eye liner / bra from Macy*s / white leggings / gems & pearls for bustier from Michael’s / fake bangs from CVS

On Halloween night, I made sure to get ready early so I would have time to video (DUH!) and while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up, I posted a few short clips to my instagram page: herehere, and here. For the long version, watch the following video:

The following morning, as I picked the pieces of my costume off the floor and hung them up, I thought of how epic is was to be in full ‘Selena’ dress, and felt like it should be hanging up behind a glass in a casino somewhere.

Selena for Halloween | Amanda Zampelli

I’d like to think this Halloween brought she & I a little closer, that she was smiling and laughing at the whole thing from heaven. Viva Selena, now & forever!