one little word™ 2017: REFRESH

one little word™ 2017: REFRESH | Amanda Zampelli

HULL-LO, NEW YEAR! I’ve arrived! It’s 2017 and I’m in need of a REFRESH, just like the little circle arrow icon you press when your webpage is stuck and needs a little boost. Same content, little boost. THAT is the idea behind my word this year. My life feels filled with content that’s in line with my purpose (finally! thank you, Lord!) because I’m with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things – but at this point, a REFRESH of it all is in order.

I’ve had my word for a while, and it first came to me when John and I started going out almost two years ago. I kept describing him as refreshing. In so many areas of our relationship he truly is like a burst of cold water to my face on a hot day. I want to start feeling like that about more things…and I’ve decided they could be things already serving me well! I’m going to start asking myself, “How can I make this more refreshing?” I feel like the answer to that a lot of the time will be “take a nap, then try again,” and that leads me to talk about REFRESH as in rest.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.”

I want to rest more. I also want to not feel guilty about wanting to rest more. With my olw as REFRESH it’s almost like a command to rest. Almost like a command to have myself turn inward and ask what is it I need right now. Maybe it’ll be a nap. Maybe it’ll be a walk. Maybe it’ll be a visit to my mom’s – to actively turn off the work/social media/responsibility part of my brain and talk to her. Laugh with her. BE with her. REFRESH. Yeah, more of that this year.

Also, dance. Jeez, my sweet little dancing hobby. This year’s word could have very well been ‘DANCE’ because NOTHING refreshes me like my dancing hobby does. I step on the studio floor, and everything completely melts away. I am so in tune with the music and my body, and I have never left the studio NOT feeling accomplished, energized, and rebooted. I’m so grateful for it and my body’s capability to participate, and I have no plans of stopping. A full Bachata-filled 2017 for me, please and thank you!

I want to REFRESH my brand and what I stand for. I’ve been working on a major overhaul of this website and blog behind the scenes, and with it will – without a doubt – come a REFRESH of motivation and a REFRESH on my short and long-term business goals.  This has been on the farthest realm of the backburner for the past couple of years, and I’m so excited to put it at the top of my priority list this year. I deserve to.

So, yes, loves. // REFRESH is my one little word® this year. // I want to REFRESH my mind when it’s overloaded by the over-saturation of what others are doing. I want to REFRESH my soul when it’s stressed or stuck. I want to REFRESH my body when it’s had enough. I want to REFRESH my space when it’s cluttered & messy. It’s a bit of a self-care word, isn’t it? I like that.

“She refilled her pitcher, and in doing so, she was able to refresh everyone around her.”

This is my sixth (!!!) year choosing a word for the year. REFRESH is joining 2016’s BIG, 2015’s PROOF, 2014’s WORK, 2013’s MAKE, and 2012’s MOVEMENT. At the end of this year, all six words will be a part of me, and we shall see what comes of it. Cheers to that, lovies!

— — —

(1) YES, I am aware of the RepHresh Family of Feminine Hygiene Products, and NO, it has nothing to do with my word. Haa haa! My sister brought it to my attention two days ago, but my word was already long since chosen. NO REGRETS!

(2) I included it in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017.